Water Damage Photo Gallery

Room in a house the is suffering from mold due to water damage

Prevent Mold with Proper Water Remediation

The SERVPRO of Lawrence/Ottawa technicians worked on a water and mold remediation job in Lawrence, KS. Mold can come from many sources: water leaks, steam from showers, flooding, and many other sources. Once mold starts it continues to grow and can take over your home, make you sick, and can be difficult to remove. Making sure to get water damage properly cared for can help prevent any major mold growth.

Technicians in protective suits at a mold job

Water Damage can Cause Mold

SERVPRO of Lawrence/Ottawa working on a commercial water remediation project. This photo shoes how our technicians set up containment to prevent mold from contaminating other parts of the building. When your commercial or residential property is affected by water damage and not properly dried, mold can take form and cause health risks. Our SERVPRO team is detail oriented and driven to make sure the building is safe for business to resume.

Water Damage in Lawrence, Kansas

Sometime the SERVPRO crews are able to save walls, ceilings and flooring on water jobs and sometimes they have to do demolition and tear out any affected areas. On this water job in Lawrence, Kansas they had to tear out most of the flooring in the kitchen area. 

Water Damage in Olathe, Kansas

This is a water damage in Olathe, Kansas where our SERVPRO crew used special drying equipment called Injectidry. It is used to dry hard wood flooring without having to tear it up or damage it. 

Water Damage in Olathe, Kansas

Our SERVPRO team did demolition in this bathroom at a water job in Olathe, Kansas. We had to pull the vanity to make sure water damage did not get behind it, as well as pulling the damaged flooring. 

Water Damage in Baldwin City, Kansas

Our SERVPRO of Lawrence/Ottawa team worked on this water damage in the basement of a home in Baldwin City, Kansas. Our crew did demolition on water damaged material of the home and started the drying process. in some parts of the home our crew lifted the carpet and placed drying fans under to dry the carpet in order to save it. This technique only works on Category 1 and 2 jobs. If a job is a category 3 the carpet and pad has to be ripped up and disposed of.